Point and Laser to Plane

The colection ‘PUNT AND LASER TO PLANE’ made by the creators of Equipo Nómada, Sara Deblas y Alicia Manso, is based in the concept of plane as two-dimensional geometric entity that is able to evolve into the third dimension.

The plane, one of the fundamental elements of geometry with point and line, is combined with those two to reach tridimensonality. If ‘line is just a point taking a walk’ as Kandinsky said, the path is the one that let the plane break its two-dimensional character to grow up in space.

The intersections of bodies and their faces abatement are translated into developable irregular polyhedron, technical complexity that disappears back to the plane becoming a child’s play that invites you to constant cut and fold experimentation.

With this trip to childhood and artistic learning, it has been investigated in basic developable volumes and the result has been an austere and primitive collection with multiple variants and applications. The final finish color and materic qualities of the object establish a unique language between sculpture – space – light.

Date:October 2013
Client:Equipo Nómada - "Las Naves" Centro de Creación Contemporánea
Skills:Jewelry making, CAD, rhinoceros, laser cut