Valencia Disseny Week Alicia Manso  Equipo Nómada

2012 Valencia Disseny Week

You are all invited to the exhibition opening on Wednesday 19th ‘NÓMADAS.Serie1’ in the contest of the Valencia Design Week.

Sensitive and environmentally friendly objects, committed with the old guilds that still survive. Working with hands in harmony with reason unites designers Sara Deblas y Alicia Manso around art and craft, love and technic.

Te comería hasta los huesos Jewelry Creative Necklace Silver

“Love in the time of…” Exhibition

The exhibition “Love in time …” was inaugurated yesterday.

You could see my necklaces ‘Te comerías hasta los huesos’ beside the jewels of other artists. The result surprised by its originality and variety. Same subject, love, expressed in infinite ways.

You are invited you to visit it at:

Travesía de Belén nº 2 – local 1.
(Metro Chueca) Madrid.

It will not disappoint you!

“Perifolles d’Autor”

During the last months I have changed my residence from Valencia to L’Empordà (Gerona), to learn jewelry with the jeweler Mar Vidal in ’La Bisbal Ceramic School’.

What I have learned is more than I could have expected. Learn the techniques of jewelry in the workshop has been really enriching, but it should not be the same without shared the experience with each one of my colleagues of jewelry, ceramics and furniture restoration. Not to mention the natural environment where we were.

As evidence of what we have lived and learned we inaugurated the exhibition “Perifollas D’Autor” where we show our best pieces of jewelry in metal, ceramic, enamel and resin.