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Privacy – Data Protection Policy

By accepting this legal note, you recognise that the information and personal data requested are exact and true.
The act of not entering the data of a personal nature that appears in the forms contained in this site could mean that ALICIA MANSO, S.Lcannot attend to your request.
ALICIA MANSO, S.Linforms you that it has embedded the security measures of a technical and organisational type necessary to ensure the security of your data of a personal nature and to avoid its alteration, loss and treatment and/or unauthorised access, having taken in to account the state of the technology, nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether they come from human activity or from physical or natural means. All the above is in accordance with that stipulated in Article 9 of the Constitutional Law of Personal Data and in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the 21 December which passes the Regulation for the development of Constitutional Law 15/1999 of the 13 December for data protection of a personal nature.

General Information

In compliance with Law 34/2002 of Service of the Information Society and E-Commerce (LSSICE in Spanish), we inform you of the following:
Company name: ALICIA MANSO, S.L
Registered office: Calle Ciudad Real 2, Madrid
The company is registered in the Company Registry of Madrid. Volume 28701, Sheet 0056, 1st General Section, Inscription 1 and 3. Tax registration number (CIF in Spanish): 09024463E
The domains:
have been registered in the Company Registry of Barcelona as stipulated by Law 34/2002.

1. Ownership of the data, object of the treatment

In compliance with that stipulated in Constitutional Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Data, we inform users that their personal data and other information supplied by means of any form on ALICIA MANSO, S.L, as well as that coming from the transactions made, will be included and kept for their treatment, ownership of ALICIA MANSO, S.L
ALICIA MANSO, S.L promises respect and total confidentiality in the collection and treatment of the user’s personal data, declaring its commitment in the non-cession to third parties in any case whatsoever, without the prior authorisation of the owners.
2. Use and finality of treatment of the data of a personal nature

The treatment of the user’s personal data by ALICIA MANSO, S.L or by third parties is mainly undertaken electronically or telematically.
The user’s personal data will be used with the aim of providing the following services available through ALICIA MANSO, S.L:
The recording of data in order to use the services offered through the page
The organisation and/or processing of orders and related activities
The management of consultations, doubts or problems of a technical or commercial nature, about the state of orders and other general requests for information
The personalised attention through the Customer Attention Service
The promotion of company products and services and of third party companies [specify companies and/or sector of activity] connected to ALICIA MANSO, S.L
It may be the case that ALICIA MANSO, S.L processes and/or manages personal data relating to third parties that have been transmitted or transferred directly by the users of ALICIA MANSO, S.L (i.e. purchase by the user of a product that must be delivered to a friend; payment of the amount for a product by a person different from the addressee of this article; publicity by the user to a friend of the service available in the ALICIA MANSO, S.L web page or notification of the sales offer of a specific product). In cases such as the above ALICIA MANSO, S.L will inform the third part in question about the contents of the Law 15/99 LOPD (Personal Data Law) on registering their data in the file, though the user will be responsible of informing the person to which this data refers before sending it to ALICIA MANSO, S.L, the inclusion of the data in a file of ALICIA MANSO, S.L, the aim of the treatment of the data and the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition before ALICIA MANSO, S.L, in the way specified in this privacy policy.
ALICIA MANSO, S.L reserves the right to cancel the account of a user and all the data related in case of detecting or noticing contents that is illicit or damaging to the image of ALICIA MANSO, S.L and/or its products or those of third parties, as well as offensive contents or those which incite, encourage and publicise illegal or defamatory activities, contents of a pornographic or violent nature or which encourage discrimination for reasons of race or ethnicity, gender, belief or sexual orientation.
3. Obligatory nature of transmitting and/or transferring of data

The transmission and/or transfer to ALICIA MANSO, S.L of the personal data may be obligatory by virtue of the contents and provisions of the regulation (LPDP – Personal Data Protection Law) by which it is ruled; although, in other cases, it will be of a discretional nature.
In each case, the obligatory or discretional nature of the transmission and/or transfer of data will be specified indistinctly –in relation to the personal data requested- in order to process and/or collect this information, distinguishing the obligatory fields by means of an asterisk (*).
The possible lack of communication to ALICIA MANSO, S.L of the data corresponding to the obligatory fields will impede the completion and/or reach of the main aim associated with data collection. Furthermore, the non-communication of this data to ALICIA MANSO, S.L could determine, for example, the impossibility of fulfilling the whole purchasing order of the products on sale on the ALICIA MANSO, S.L web, as well as the provision of other services available on the web.
Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral presumes that all the data has been entered by its holder or by a person authorised to do so, as well as it being correct and exact. It is the user’s responsibility to update their own data, entering the My Account section of Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral. Therefore, the user is responsible for the accuracy of their personal data; Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral will not be responsible for the possible inexactness of the users’ personal data.
4. Rights of the user

The user may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation, requesting it in writing at Calle Zamora 91-95, 08018, Barcelona, Spain, including a copy of the ID card, or equivalent identifying document, of the data holder.

5. Passwords

ALICIA MANSO, S.L will provide the use of personal passwords for the user that registers on ALICIA MANSO, S.L. These passwords will be used to gain access to the exclusive services of ALICIA MANSO, S.L for registered users.
The user must keep their password under their exclusive responsibility in the strictest and total confidentiality, thus assuming whatever damages or consequences of any type deriving from the violation or revelation of the secret.
The password may be changed at any time by the user. The user promises to notify ALICIA MANSO, S.L immediately of any unauthorised use of their password, as well the access to it by unauthorised third parties.
6. Cookies

The ALICIA MANSO, S.L web page uses automatic data collection systems not supplied directly by the user, such as cookies.
Cookies are files installed in the hard disk of the user’s computer, or in the memory of the search engine in the preconfigured folder by the computer’s operative system, in order to identify this user. While it does not contain comprehensible information, it enables the user’s identity to be associated to the personal data they leave on the web page.
The cookies are located in a server of ALICIA MANSO, S.L, so that only ALICIA MANSO, S.L can process and/or manage the information collected and obtained through the cookies solely and exclusively anonymously and aggregated, in order to optimise their services and web page in relation to the specific requests and preferences of the users.
If the user does not want to install a cookie into their hard disk, they must configure their Internet search engine programme to deactivate them. Similarly, the user may freely eliminate cookies on ending each session. In this case, ALICIA MANSO, S.L does not guarantee to the user the full visualisation of some web pages or access to some services offered in ALICIA MANSO, S.L
7. Security measures

ALICIA MANSO, S.L guarantees the total confidentiality and privacy of the personal data collected and to do this essential security measures have been adopted in order to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access and thus ensure its integrity and security, especially the provisions in the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of the 21 December, which passes the Regulation of the development of Constitutional Law 15/1999, of the 13 December, of protection of data of a personal nature.
ALICIA MANSO, S.L will not be responsible in any circumstances for the incidents that may arise regarding personal data when they originate from either an attack or unauthorised access to the systems in such a way as it is impossible to detect through the security measures established, or when it is due to a lack of diligence by the user regarding the saving and care of their passwords or of their own personal data.
Conditions of sale

Read these conditions carefully

These General Conditions will expressly rule the relations arising between Jocar de Carlos Osca S.L., Calle Zamora 91-95, and with tax number CIF B 60982311 (ALICIA MANSO, S.L) and the third parties (herein, “Users”) who register as users and/or purchase products through the online shop of the Majoral official website ( “, here in the “Shop”).

1. Obligations of the user

The User is obliged, in general terms, to use the Shop, purchase products and use each of the services of the Shop diligently, in compliance with the law, moral standards, public order and that stipulated in these General Conditions, and must also abstain from using them in any way that may impede, damage or deteriorate the normal functioning and use of the Shop by the Users or which may harm or cause damage to the assets and rights of ALICIA MANSO, S.L, its suppliers, Users or in general any third party.

2. Products and prices

ALICIA MANSO, S.L reserves the right to decide at all times the products that it offers the Users through the Shop. In particular, ALICIA MANSO, S.L may, at any time, add new products to those offered or included in the Shop, it being understood that unless otherwise stated, these new products will be ruled by that stipulated in these General Conditions. Additionally, ALICIA MANSO, S.L reserves the right to no longer provide or facilitate access and use at any time and without prior notice of any of the different categories of products that are offered in the Shop.

The products included in the Shop will correspond in the most accurate way possibly permitted by website visualisation technology to the products actually offered. The specifications of the products and their prices appear in the Shop. The prices shown in the Shop are in Euros and include VAT, which will appear added at the end of the purchase, unless otherwise indicated.

3. Procedure and method of payment of the products

Within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) hours, Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral will send an e-mail to the User, confirming the purchase. This e-mail will allocate a reference code of the purchase, and will give details of the specifications of the product, its price, the packaging and postage costs and details of the different options for making payment for the products to ALICIA MANSO, S.L
4.2 The User who purchases a product through the Shop must make the payment through the payment systems specifically detailed in the Shop.
ALICIA MANSO, S.L will file the electronic documents in which the contract of sale is formalised, sending a copy to the User once the purchase is made. The contract of sale will be in Spanish.
Confirmation of the order sent by ALICIA MANSO, S.L is not valid as an invoice, but only as a receipt of purchase. ALICIA MANSO, S.L will send the official invoice along with the product.
4. Right of waiver

The user has the right of waiver through which they can contact ALICIA MANSO, S.L by e-mail to the following address: and waive purchase within a period of no more than seven (7) working days, counting as from the reception of the product. The product must be sent along with the return form duly filled out and a copy of the delivery note or the invoice, duly filled out, ALICIA MANSO, S.L being responsible for the direct cost of the return of the product. This return will be made in compliance with the instructions that ALICIA MANSO, S.L gives to the User in response to their notification of exercising their right of waiver. The user must return the product within a maximum period of seven (7) days from when Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral informs them of the method of return.
Waiver involves the refund of the amount paid. To do this, the client must indicate on the return form the number and holder of the credit card to which ALICIA MANSO, S.L must pay the amount. The time period for this payment will be that established by law, after ALICIA MANSO, S.L has received the product, object of the right of waiver, in perfect state of conservation.
The right of waiver cannot be exercised when the product is not returned in its original packaging and when the product is not in perfect condition.
5. Attention to client service

For any incident, claim or exercising of their rights, the User may send an e-mail to

6. Home delivery service

The territorial sphere of sales through the Shop is worldwide. The products purchased through the Shop will be sent to the delivery address that the User indicates once the payment has been approved, the maximum delivery period being thirty (30) days established by default in the law.
The delivery service of ALICIA MANSO, S.L is undertaken in collaboration with different logistics operators of renowned prestige. Orders will not be sent to P.O boxes or hotels or other non-permanent addresses.
The postage and packaging costs will correspond to the destination in question. The amount for national transport will be the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands 6 euros, , Ceuta and Melilla 70 euros, Andorra and the Canaries 40 euros, the European Union 35 euros, and the rest of the world 70 euros. VAT should be added to all prices.
7. Intellectual and industrial property

The User acknowledges that all the elements of the Shop and each product, the information and materials contained in them, the brands, the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of their contents, and computer programmes used in relation to them, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights of ALICIA MANSO, S.L or of third parties, and that the General Conditions do not attribute to them regarding these industrial and intellectual property rights any other right distinct from those specifically included in them.
Unless otherwise authorised by Enric Majoral, S.L. – Majoral or in its case by third parties that hold the corresponding rights, or at least that which is legally permitted, the User cannot reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, undertake reverse engineering, distribute, hire, loan, make available or enable access to the public through any public communication method of any of the elements referred to in the above paragraph. The User must use the materials, elements and information that they accede to through the use of Shop solely for their own needs, it being mandatory not to make directly or indirectly any commercial use of the materials, elements and information obtained through them.
The User must abstain from evading or manipulating any technical device established by ALICIA MANSO, S.L or by third parties in the Shop.
8. Data protection

9.1 In compliance with Law 15/99 LOPD (Data Protection Law), we inform you that the personal data and other information provided through the registration form, as well as that coming from transactions made, will be included and kept in a file for its treatment, property of ALICIA MANSO, S.Ll, while its cancellation is not requested. Treatment will be for the development and undertaking of the sale, personalised attention of the products and services that you acquire and for the improvement of that attention, as well as the promotion of products and our own services and of third parties linked to ALICIA MANSO, S.L.
The User expressly authorises ALICIA MANSO, S.L sending, including by electronic means, by ALICIA MANSO, S.L and the entities mentioned, of commercial communications and offers and promotional competitions. Yes, I accept.
The User may exercise at any time the rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation by sending an e-mail to, attaching a copy of their tax identity number (NIF) or replacement identifying document.
The answers marked with * on the registration form are obligatory. The non-answering of these on the form will prevent the purchase of the products selected from being made.
9. Passwords

ALICIA MANSO, S.L will facilitate the use of personal passwords to the user who registers as such on the website. These passwords will be used to gain access to the services provided via the website. The use must keep the passwords under their exclusive responsibility in strictest and total confidentiality, assuming, therefore, liability for any damages or consequences of all kinds arising from the breaking or revelation of the secret. For reasons of security, the telematic access password to the services linked to the website may be modified at any time by the user. The user promises to notify ALICIA MANSO, S.L immediately of any unauthorised use of their password, as well the unauthorised access to it of third parties.

10. Cookies

ALICIA MANSO, S.L uses cookies with the aim of improving its services, facilitating browsing, maintaining security, verifying the identity of the User, facilitating access to the personal preferences and following their use of the Shop. Cookies are files installed in the hard disk of the computer or in the memory of the search engine in the folder preconfigured by the user’s computer’s operative system folder in order to identify them.
If the user does not want to install a cookie into their hard disk, they must configure their Internet search engine programme to not receive them. Similarly, the user may freely eliminate cookies. If the User wants to deactivate the cookies, the quality and speed of the service may decrease and even cause the loss of access to some of the services offered in the Shop.
12. Law applicable and jurisdiction

These general conditions are ruled by Spanish legislation. Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution that may occur in relation to the validity, interpretation, compliance or termination of this contract will be subject to the Jurisdiction and Competence of the Courts of the City of Barcelona, with renunciation of the territorial jurisdiction that may correspond to the User, on condition that the legislation applicable thus allows it.